André Liebich

is honorary professor of international history and politics at the Graduate Institute, Geneva, and a former visiting fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM), Vienna. Recent publications include ‘The Mensheviks Commemorate October,’ in J.F. Fayet et al (eds.), Echoes of October: International Commemorations of the October Revolution 1918-1990, London: Lawrence and Wishart 2017, 160–176.


Cover for: Righteous indignation: On the Polish Holocaust law debate

Poland’s ‘Holocaust law’ criminalizing any claim that Poles shared responsibility for Nazi crimes has caused major rifts with its foreign allies, above all Israel and the US. Yet the international indignation is also selective, writes André Liebich.

Cover for: The Balkans and the EU: Looking for a way forward

Last month, EU leaders met in Trieste and dutifully reaffirmed their commitment to the nations of the Western Balkans. Just as they did last year. And the year before. But this process is going nowhere, write André Liebich.