Karl-Heinz Dellwo

is a German documentarist and publisher. In 1975, as a member of the leftist militant organization Red Army Faction, he participated in the siege of the German embassy in Stockholm and took part in the killing of two people. In 1977, he received a double life sentence and spent more than twenty years behind bars. In 2004, he founded the movie production company bellaStoria in which he has so far released two films: Neben der Spur, capturing the impressions of German children visiting the concentration camp of Teresienstadt, and Du kannst, dealing with the circumstances of prisoner torturing in the Iraqi prison of Abu Ghraib. Both documentaries received high praise from film critics. In 2007, he published the book Das Projektil sind wir in which he deals, in the form of interviews with different people, with the creation of the RAF and other militant organizations in Germany at the turn of the 1970s. In 2009, he founded the publishing house Laika Verlag, focused mainly on publishing political and historical literature.


It was impossible to live in this world...

A conversation with Karl-Heinz Dellwo and Gabriele Rollnik

Today, nothing suggests that Karl-Heinz Dellwo and his girlfiend Gabriele Rollnik differ from normality in any important way. They look like a common elderly married couple. They live in a cozy middle-class apartment in the center of Hamburg. They make great coffee and they have a cookbook by Jamie Oliver on the bookshelf in their kitchen. Yet, the appearances are misleading. Their fates have been very dramatic. Karl-Heinz Dellwo, now documentarist and publisher, is a former RAF member who directly participated in the death of two people. Child therapist Gabriele Rollnik is a former member of the anarchist Bewegung 2. Juni. She was involved in several kidnappings and prison break-outs. They both spent many years behind bars. Marek Seckar went to meet with them in Hamburg in order to hear about their past and present.

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