Juli Peretó

is associate professor of biochemistry and fellow of the Cavanilles Institute for Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Valencia. He has written a number of research papers on biochemical evolution and is publishing supervisor of classic texts by Oparin and Haldane on the origins of life (Publicacions de la Universitat de València, Breviaries Collection, No. 11, 2006). He is presently Secretary of ISSOL, The International Astrobiology Society.


Creationism is enjoying a new lease of life. Sanctioned by the slogan “teach the controversy”, the theory of intelligent design is gaining a foothold in educational establishments in the US and worldwide. Biochemist Juli Peretó delivers a rebuke to the fallacies and dishonesties of the theory of intelligent design and examines the ambiguous attitude of the Catholic Church towards creationism.

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