Imogen Tyler

is a senior lecturer in sociology and co-director of the Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies at Lancaster University. She specializes in the area of marginal social identities, a topic which brings together research on asylum and migration, borders, sexual politics, motherhood, race and ethnicity, disability, social class and poverty. Her work focuses on representation and mediation and the relationship between social theory and activism. She is the author of Revolting Subjects. Social Abjection and Resistance in Neoliberal Britain (Zed Books, 2013).


Cover for: Welcome to Britain

Welcome to Britain

Anti-immigrant populism and the asylum invasion complex

Imogen Tyler looks at how the manufacture of an asylum invasion complex within the public sphere aided the passing of UK legislation that reconstituted the refugee as a “national abject”. That is, as a (likely bogus) asylum-seeker subject to destitution, detention and exclusion.

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