Heinz Steinert

born 1942, Professort of Sociology at the J.W.Goethe Universität in Frankfurt, Germany. His publications include Straflust und Repression. Zur Kritik der populistischen Kriminologie (with Helga Cremer-Schäfer), Münster 1998; Kulturindustrie, Münster 1998. He lives in Vienna and Frankfurt.


After September 11, the weight of public opinion kept different, not just dissenting, ideas at bay, privately as much as publicly. To remain credible, intellectuals had to espouse, more or less gracefully, a much narrower range of accepted orthodoxies and platitudes than usual. Kathy Laster and Heinz Steinert document here possible interpretations of what happened which, because of this specific constellation of culture-industry demands, never got a public hearing.

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