Colin Crouch

Professor Emeritus of the University of Warwick, and the External Scientific member of the Max Planck Institute for Social Research at Cologne. Works include: Post-Democracy (2005), The Strange Non-Death of Neoliberalism (2011), The Knowledge Corrupters (2015) and The Globalisation Backlash (2018).


Cover for: Europe beyond neoliberalism

A combination of institutional arrogance and neoliberal policy has broken the link between EU and its citizens. And yet, as the mass demonstrations in support of EU membership in Britain since the Brexit vote show, Europe can still inspire affection. To continue to be worthy of such sentiments, the EU must develop forms of integration beyond rules and markets.

Cover for: Collective responses to digital neofeudalism

How has the digital dream of the 1990s – equality, freedom of expression and accessibility for everyone – turned into the constantly surveilled dystopia that many observers comment on today? New media expert Evgeny Morozov and sociologist Colin Crouch discussed this digital dilemma at the recent Lector in Fabula festival, in conversation with journalist Marina Lalovic.

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