Bente Riise

is a journalist and writer, and the editor of Syn og Segn. She is chair of the Norwegian Association of Journals, and co-organizer of the 25th European Meeting of Cultural Journals, taking place in Oslo from 29 November to 2 December 2013.


Cover for: Creating a space for debate

Creating a space for debate

European cultural journals and the making of the public sphere

As the 25th European Meeting of Cultural Journals commences in Oslo, it is timely to remember that cultural journals have long facilitated a level of intellectual exchange indispensable to societies that put stock in democratic and cosmopolitan spirit. And, as ongoing crisis overshadows the upcoming European elections and the European integration project risks being reduced to the task of reaching formal economic goals, the contribution of cultural journals to a European public sphere is more important than ever.

Full gender equality

Syn og Segn, Norway

Syn og Segn aims to accomplish full gender equality among both staff and contributors. In 2012, the journal dealt with a wealth of gender related topics, ranging from homosexuality in Viking times, through the muxe of Mexico, to gender issues among modern Norwegian women.

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