Benedict Seymour

is a writer, filmmaker and a contributing editor of Mute magazine. He has written and made films about urban regeneration and gentrification with the research group The London Particular, and explored the links between financialization and cultural-social contraction in a number of articles and essays, including “Drowning by Numbers: The Non-Reproduction of New Orleans”. He is currently working on a film about the origins of the financial crisis in the obsolescence of the value-form – working title, “The Price of Everything”. He holds the position of Lecturer in Fine Art on the MFA at Goldsmiths College London.


Blurred boundaries

Sport, art and activity

Is the convergence of art and sport under the pressure of pseudo-participatory spectacle undermining the utopian potential of both? Benedict Seymour goes back to the future to recover the new kind of activity which, in different ways, informs them still.

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