Barry Stroud

is a philosopher known for his work on philosophical scepticism. Since 1961 Stroud has worked at the University of California Berkeley. In 1987, he gave the John Locke Lectures at Oxford. In 2007 he was named Willis S. and Marion Slusser Professor of Philosophy in the Berkeley Philosophy Department. In recent years, he has published The Quest for Reality and two collections of essays: Meaning, Understanding, and Practice, and Understanding Human Knowledge.


Modes of philosophizing

A round table debate

Should philosophy have something to say to non-philosophers? Should philosophy be pursued only by those trained in philosophy? Should academic teachers of philosophy consider themselves philosophers in virtue of the fact that they teach philosophy? And should analytic philosophers deny that continental philosophers are philosophers at all, or acknowledge that they represent different modes of philosophizing? Cogito poses some big questions to four prominent British and US philosophers.

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