Ag Apolloni

Kosovar author and Professor at ​the ​University of Prishtina. He is editor-in-chief of cultural magazine Symbol​​​, a Eurozine partner journal​. His works are: “Zomb” (2009), “Four Plays” (2010), “The Postmodern Parable” (2010), “The Paradigm of Proteus” (2012), “The Howl of the Wolf ” (2013), “Zazen” (2014) and “Konica’s suitcase” (2016).


Cover for: The freedom of the novel

The freedom of the novel

An interview with Javier Cercas

‘The novel enjoys a freedom that no other literary genre enjoys. This is a privilege, and perhaps also a guarantee of its sustainability, on condition that we know how to make the most of that freedom.’ The novelist Javier Cercas talks history and fiction, and his influences in the Spanish language tradition.

Cover for: The end of the era of endings

Many things to many people, postmodernism is notable for the endings it has brought about in many fields. But is it now curtains for postmodernism itself?

Cover for: Poetry is a kind of dance

Poetry is a kind of dance

An interview with Rita Dove

The American poet Rita Dove talks to Kosovar author and poet Ag Appoloni about her influences and artistic development, and about the importance of African American history in her work.

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