Antonin J. Liehm

(b. 1924) was editor of Czechoslovak magazine Litérarní noviny from 1960-1968. In 1984 he founded Lettre Internationale in Paris.


Cover for: Culture and the daily grind

Culture and the daily grind

Opening address at the 22nd European Meeting of Cultural Journals

From the Eurozine archive: Antonin J. Liehm, founder of Lettre Internationale and former editor of the Czechoslovak journal ‘Literární noviny’, discusses the role of a European cultural journal before and after 1989 and explains why it is as important as ever to organize a concerted defence of culture.

Encyclopaedist of the international

A conversation with Antonin J. Liehm

Antonin J. Liehm, editor of the Czech magazine “Litérarní noviny” until 1968 and founder of “Lettre Internationale”, has been at the forefront of numerous attacks on the “provincialism of major cultures”. One theme has persisted throughout: the idea of an international magazine.

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