Andrea Zlatar

born 1961, is an essayist and writer. She teaches comparative literature at the University of Zagreb. She is editor in chief of the independent biweekly cultural magazine Zarez and the literary review Gordogan. She has published several books on literary history and theory, as well as a collection of essays.


Literary perspectives: Croatia

Post-traumatic stress disorder

While the stars of Croatian “women’s literature” continue to forge their own styles, a new generation of post-feminist writers has emerged in the crossover between literature and journalism. One theme common to much new Croatian writing is the postwar experience, with authors using marginal characters to explore existentialist tensions between individual and society. Yet what really makes contemporary Croatian writing interesting is the variety of individual literary approaches, writes Andrea Zlatar.

When Andrea Zlatar investigates the contemporary and recent history of Croatian culture and cultural policy she finds out that the most horrifying consequence of the transition and war is not the material impoverishment of Croatian society, but the utter destruction of value systems that used to apply to specific fields of human activity.

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