Victoria Amelina

Ukrainian novelist, essayist and activist. Winner of the Joseph Conrad literature prize 2021 and finalist of European Union Prize for Literature 2019. She is a founder of the New York Literary Festival that takes place in a small town called New York near the frontline in the east of Ukraine.

Before becoming a writer, Victoria Amelina worked in high tech as an engineering manager; she holds an MS in Computer Science. In 2014 she became a laureate of the Ukrainian National Literary Award Koronatsiya Slova, and released her debut novel.

Victoria Amelina’s works are translated into several languages, including English, Polish, Czech and Dutch. She is most known for her two novels, Fall Syndrome, or Homo Compatiens and Dom’s Dream Kingdom.


Cover for: Cancel culture vs. execute culture

Cancel culture vs. execute culture

Why Russian manuscripts don’t burn, but Ukrainian manuscripts burn all too well

Rather than debating what to do with Russian culture, western intellectuals need to talk about how to prevent another Executed Renaissance. For Ukrainians, the Soviet-Russian purge of their national intelligentsia in the 1930s is more than just a memory.

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