Tekstallmenningen tidsskrift- og småforlagssentralen (literally: ‘The Textual Commons – central for journals and small press’) is a network of Norwegian cultural journals initiated by the literary association Tekstallianse, Eurozine partner journal Vagant, and the Norwegian association of journals Norsk tidsskriftforening. In April 2020, Tekstallmenningen was established as a non-profit limited private company.  

Tekstallmenningen considers cultural journals as important sources of literary, critical, and political commons in a time marked by polarisation and the public sphere dissolving into separate echo chambers. Based in Bergen, on the west coast of Norway, Tekstallmenningen serves readers, libraries, and the journals themselves. Its ambition is to promote Norwegian cultural journals through coordinated subscription, sale and distribution systems, redirecting the time and resources of the magazine publishers from administration to editorial work. Skill-sharing, networking and advocacy are also a part of Tekstallmenningen’s efforts. 

Website: tekstallmenningen.no/   

Facebook: facebook.com/tekstallmenningen/ 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/tekstallmenningen

Twitter: twitter.com/tekstallmenning

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