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Orange 94.0

ORANGE 94.0 is the largest community radio in the German language area, conceived as the third pillar of the Austrian media Landscape, which consists of the public service broadcasters and commercial radio stations. Radio ORANGE 94.0 broadcasts 24 hours a day both in the Vienna area as well as internationally, via online streaming. Approximately 500 volunteers use the ORANGE 94.0 studios and administrative infrastructure in order to produce programs aimed at the groups, which are underrepresented in the mainstream media. Broadcasting in 23 different languages, ORANGE 94.0 programs cover topics that are not otherwise given space in commercial media, such as migrant policy, alternative energy sources, urbanism, different types of activism, queer topics, human rights issues, international development, etc. Its about 200 regular broadcasts include multilingual programs aimed at migrant communities, feminist discussions, schoolchildren‘s radio shows, scientific debate, student‘s radio programs and many more. Hence it has become the main platform for media pedagogical initiatives and media activists as well as one of the main platforms for young theoreticians, musicians and artists, all looking for a possibility to publicise their activities. ORANGE 94.0 conducts a variety of courses in radio production, media law, media theory and many more on a regular basis, thus enabling non-professional journalists to produce their programs in a professional manner.

Cover of Orange 94.0