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It had to be told – Interview with Martin Pollack

Austrian writer Martin Pollack, author of Der Tote im Bunker. Bericht über meinen Vater (2004) talks to the editors of 2000 and Bozena Dudko about his parents, his education in Mittersill, and his views on Nazism in general.

Gábor Schein
“Das Dreimäderlhaus”, or who is an intellectual and what does s/he do?

A Hungarian poet and professor of literature on the role of intellectuals in the twenty-first century.

“Under the Belt” – Excerpts from works by Antonio Gramsci, Hungarian author Péter Veres (1897-1970), and Hungarian communist politician József Révai (1898-1959)

Former views on intellectuals.

Zoltán G. Szabó
The denunciator and the informer as archetypes

Nineteenth-century secret reports on free thinkers to the authorities – with twenty-first-century comments.

Published 26 January 2007
Original in English

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