Eurozine Online Workshops

Strategies for editorial collaboration

As part of the Eurozine Online Workshops series, Eurozine held the Editors’ Roundtable “Strategies for editorial collaboration” on 20 February 2019. The meeting was joined by 11 participants, including editors from Austria, Germany, France, Poland and UK.

The webinar focused on upcoming parliamentary elections, including the European Parliamentary Elections in May 2019, as an opportunity for editorial collaboration.

Eurozine’s upcoming collaborative project on the EU elections was presented by Eurozine’s editors Réka Kinga Papp and Simon Garnett, as well as the project’s curator Agnieszka Rosner. Aiming at the introductory mapping of the European political and cultural sphere, cultural journals from the network were invited to contribute to the project with their own perspectives on political frameworks in their respective countries. A range of articles from across Europe providing country-specific analysis will enrich readers’ insights in topics such as voter mobilization, disinformation trends and media power structures.

Editors then shared their editorial plans and discussed themes that are being covered by their journals concerning the upcoming elections or related European issues. They presented different approaches and editorial concepts they are using to contribute to the debate and generate interest in the respective topics.

All participants agreed not to share other participants’ publishing plans outside the roundtable.


Eurozine Online Workshops are part of the project “Eurozine – Network of cultural journals”, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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