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10 July 2018
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How to increase print readership? Eurozine editors share their experiences

On Tuesday, 31 July 2018 (15:00-16:00 CET), Eurozine will hold an online meeting for partner journals and other interested parties. This time we will share experiences on how to increase print readership. Answering questions such as:

> How have you sought to maintain and boost sales of your print edition? What strategies have worked, and which have not – and why.

> How do you approach bookstore/newsstand sales? How easy is it to get your issues into bookstores?

> Are over-the-counter sales most important for: revenue; visibility; branding; to drive subscriptions; or for other reasons?

> How important are print edition sales at events, either ones you organise, e.g. debates, or external, e.g. book festivals?

> What do you think about the idea of joining a group of Eurozine network journals to approach bookstores with a package of journals to offer via their outlets?

> Do you know of any statistics about how people read print differently to web?

> Is there evidence that people are more inclined to read longer pieces in print?

> Do people give more weight to texts published in print?


Please​ let us know if you are interested in taking part ​by sending an email to

How it works

It’s free, technically easy (all you need is a computer with a webcam plus a headphone/microphone; see details below) and will take 1 hour. The meeting takes place via the free video conferencing service ZOOM

This is how it works:

  1. You will need a computer with internet access. Please, use a headset with microphone (for better audio quality) and a webcam. This way, you will be able to interact fully with the other participants.
  2. We will email you a link about one day beforehand that will allow you to enter the online conference room; open the link.
  3. After opening the link a program for your desktop computer or app for your smartphone or tablet will install.
  4. In case you’re asked to enter it – find the meeting ID in your email.
  5. You can install the software and test it by joining the above-mentioned room, which has already been set up, at any point in time. The webinar organizers will be present in the room for a test of your microphone from 14.30 CET

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or feedback!​

Published 10 July 2018

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