European Kiosk Oslo - A public exchange of European cultural magazines

In cooperation with Eurozine, the Goethe-Institute in Oslo, Norway launched a new project called European Kiosk Oslo. The main focus of this cooperation is to curate a permanently changing exhibition of European cultural journals from Eurozine’s network in the Goethe-Institute Norway’s premises and exchange thoughts on topics like censorship and freedom of expression in European democracies through multiple public events.

Due to COVID-19, the digital component of the project gained increased importance: A selection of individual articles from journals of the Eurozine network will be presented on the Goethe Institut’s website. The articles will be accompanied by a series of short videos, in which people working in the cultural sector present the articles in their respective native language.

The first two articles presented are from the German journal Merkur and from de Nederlandse Boekengids in the Netherlands.

Article 1:Leerstellen der Erinnerungspolitik‘ by Frankziska Davies and Ekatherina Makhotina in Merkur #858, November 2020

Article 2:Cultuur en dekoloniale oefeningen van erkennen naar ontleren‘ by Astrid N. Korporaal in de Nederlandse Boekengids #6, Dezember 2020

Audun Lindholm, editor of the Norwegian journal Vagant and member of Eurozine’s editorial board assists the Goethe-Institut in choosing potentially relevant material for the Norwegian audience.