European Kiosk Norway - upholding pluralism

Since 2020 the Goethe Institut Norway, Eurozine and Norwegian journal Vagant have been cooperating on the European Kiosk Oslo, a network project including a curated library of European cultural journals, and in-person, hybrid and online events.

This ongoing exhibition of Eurozine journals gains extra voice at this year’s Day of Cultural Journals: on 21 October 15:00–15:45 Eurozine and partner journals A2 and Vagant come together at the Litteraturhuset in Oslo debating the role of cultural journals in upholding pluralism in challenging times limited by opinion culture, political pressure and global health fears.

Tune in live as A2’s editor Alžběta Medková and Eurozine editor Sarah Waring speak with Vagant editor in chief Audun Lindholm!