European Union funding for culture at risk

Creative Europe is the only EU framework programme dedicated to the cultural and creative sectors.

Today, Creative Europe represents a mere 0,15% of the overall EU Budget. This is by no means proportionate to the cultural and creative sector’s relevance, including its contribution to the EU economy and social development.

The European Parliament has insisted on doubling the budget for Creative Europe 2021–2027.

Current drafts for Creative Europe 2021–2027 include a new cross-sectoral strand to support quality journalism and media in Europe in times of disinformation and media crisis. This initiative is highly desirable, as there are currently no EU funding mechanisms at place to directly support independent media, including cultural journals.

Recent proposals to cut the EU budget are putting these plans at risk. Eurozine is one of 90 European organisations that signed an open letter to the EU to point out the importance of culture for Europe.

You can take action and join Culture Action Europe in speaking out against the proposed cuts by signing their petition here.