A new, multi-lingual resource for journalists and readers from 'Index on Censorship'

Eurozine partner journal Index on Censorship has launched a new resource, Journalists’ Toolbox, bringing together a collection of articles from Index correspondents that provide advice and knowledge to other reporters, and information about their work. Index is publishing the articles in three languages – Spanish, Russian and Arabic – as part of its wider mission to support those struggling against censorship and authoritarian control.

Eurozine is pleased to republish a selection of four translated articles, in multiple languages:


There’s nothing new about fake news

While Americans might be getting to grips with ‘fake news’, Belarusians have been dealing with these kinds of tactics for years, writes Andrei Aliaksandrau.

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See no evil

A backlash against reporters covering Chechnya’s persecution of gay men highlights the dangers of getting truth out in this corrupt state. A Chechen journalist speaks out about the challenges.

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Living in limbo

Award-winning filmmaker Marco Salustro describes the journalistic challenges of reporting the plight of the thousands of migrants who have fled sub-Saharan Africa and are now being held in Libya.

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Between a rock and a hard place

Mexico-based journalist Duncan Tucker writes about reporting in a country where news is not just repressed, it’s fabricated, and journalists face violent threats from police and cartels.

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