Olena Yermakova

is a qualitative interdisciplinary researcher interested in migration, focusing on Central and Eastern Europe. She is a fellow at RECET, studying Ukrainian labour migrants in Poland, analysed in relation to forced displacement from Ukraine in 2022.


Cover for: The way home

When a neighbourhood collapses into a warzone, from one day to the next, citizens become refugees. Securing safety and caring for those who remain creates a dual burden. Ukrainians, turning to their diaspora, have experienced both support and tension. Returning or remaining has become a political and deeply personal dilemma.

Cover for: The silent colonization of Crimea

The silent colonization of Crimea

How Russia exerts control in the annexed territories

With every step taken by the Russian authorities, the reintegration of Crimea into Ukraine becomes ever more difficult. How can Ukraine claim back rights to a territory that citizens of another country de facto own?

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