Markus Wehner

Historian of eastern Europe and journalist covering mainly domestic politics for the Frankfürter Allgemeine Zeitung. Co-author with Reinhard Bingener of The Moscow Connection: The Schröder Network and Germany’s Path to Dependency (in German, 2023).


Cover for: The Moscow connection

Even after the disgracing of Gerhard Schröder and Scholz’s trumpeted Zeitenwende, German Social Democracy has been unable to dispel suspicions that it continues to sympathise with Russia. The authors of a recent book discuss this ignominious history, in which Schröder was the main but by no means only actor.

Cover for: Hacking, propaganda and electoral manipulation

Hacking, propaganda and electoral manipulation

Moscow’s information war on the West

Europe long overlooked the extent of Russian attempts to influence politics in the West through disinformation and cyber warfare. Now the opposite may be the case. Markus Wehner assesses the risks, and looks at measures being taken by the German government.

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