Walter Famler

is editor of Wespennest, managing director of the Alte Schmiede Art Society in Vienna, commander of the Movement KOCMOC/Group Gagarin. Member of the Eurozine Advisory Board.


A dramatic decline of advertising revenue has forced Austrian journal Wespennest to scale down from four issues to two issues a year. While commitment to the print format remains undiminished, the question of how to build up readerships across generations remains open, write the editors.

In the sign of the red star

On the iconographic coding of the cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin

On 12 April 2011, Yuri Gagarin’s space mission has its fiftieth anniversary. Much more than a mere historical mytheme of the Soviet Union, Gagarin’s journey reflects the triumph of technology in a century that believed in progress, writes Walter Famler.

“Every day of crisis is a day of learning, a window of opportunity, but this window will get smaller and smaller unless rapid and fundamental changes take place in the economy.” 95 year-old political economist Kurt Rothschild in interview with “Wespennest”.

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