Vladislav Inozemtsev

is Director of the Centre for Post-industrial Research; Editor-in-Chief of the monthly Svobodnaia mysl’ (Free Thought); member of the Presidium of the Council for Foreign and Defence Policy; Head of the Executive Directorate of the annual Global Political Forum (Yaroslavl Forum).


Cover for: How to win Cold War II

The West must start to put its long-term interests above the instant gratification of London bankers, German gas traders and real estate dealers all over Europe, who are yearning for Russian money. Then the new Cold War can be won, writes Vladislav Inozemtsev.

Cover for: Russia Inc.

Russia Inc.

The new realities of the Russian state

Europe should prepare itself for long-term cooperation with the energy-rich kleptocracy that has developed on its eastern borders. Because, given that the personal enrichment of politicians is part of the very foundation of the regime, Russia’s ruling political elite is not about to change any time soon.

Cover for: Can Russia be modernized?

Can Russia be modernized?

Problems, causes, opportunities

Plans to modernize Russia’s economy are resisted by bureaucracies benefiting from the country’s status as natural resource appendage of the developed world. That dependency on energy exports hinders political and economic progress is certain: but is high-tech the solution?

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