Uldis Tirons

was born 1956 in Cesis, Latvia. He currently lives in Riga. Since 1993, he has worked as the editor of the magazine Rigas Laiks. Numerous publications on philosophy, culture and travel.


Cover for: Socialism in one apartment complex

Socialism in one apartment complex

Historian Yuri Slezkine in conversation with ‘Rīgas Laiks’ editor Uldis Tirons

Moscow’s House on the Embankment was home to many of the first generation of Russian revolutionaries. Historian Yuri Slezkine, who has written the definitive account of the building, describes how it embodied the lives, hopes and fate of the Soviet project and its elite.

Legendary Georgian philosopher Merab Mamardashvili (1930-1990) was once ironically referred to by the Cheka as “the freest man in the country”. But Mamardashvili was no dissident, believing that the authorities, having “faced the truth about what I really am”, had no choice but to curtail his freedom. However, it is exactly the problem of what Mamardashvili really was that everybody is so interested in, says Rigas Laiks editor Uldis Tirons.

Anne Applebaum’s book on the history of the Gulag invites one to reflect on the meaning of emptiness: in history and in one’s head.

Poesie ist Sprache zum Quadrat

Erich Klein und Uldis Tirons im Gespräch mit Tomas Venclova

Der litauische Dichter Tomas Venclova über sein Land, Kriege, Ödipus und die Poesie.

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