Tim Wilkinson

(b.1947) worked as an academic editor in Hungary in the 1970s. Alongside a number of translations of historical works, he has translated a four novels by Imre Kertész: Fatelessness, New York: Knopf 2004 (awarded PEN American Center’s PEN/Book-of-the-Month Club Translation Prize 2005); Liquidation, New York: Knopf 2004; and, Kaddish for an Unborn Child, New York: Vintage Books 2004; and Detective Story (London: Harvill Secker). He has also contributed to an number of anthologies including Leopard V. An Island of Sound: Hungarian Poetry and Fiction before and beyond the Iron Curtain, eds. George Szirtes and Miklós Vajda. London: Harvill Press 2004; and Hide and Seek: Contemporary Hungarian Literature, eds. Györgyi Horváth & Anna Benedek. Budapest: József Attila Kör 2004.


Imre Kertész's heart of stone

A detective story

This month sees the English publication of Imre Kértesz’s little-known novella “Detective Story”. Kértesz’s translator Tim Wilkinson introduces the work and, placing it in the context of Kértesz’s oeuvre, embarks on some detective work of his own.

Tim Wilkinson, the English translator of Imre Kertsz, talks about the lack of literary translations in the UK and US, and assesses past, present, and forthcoming efforts to bring Hungarian literary fiction to the English-speaking market.