Srdja Pavlovic

Specializes in the nineteenth and twentieth century cultural and political history of the South Slavs at the University of Alberta (Canada). Co-founder and co-editor of the literary journal Stone Soup (London, UK), and is at present one of the editors for the multidisciplinary journal online (University of Vienna/Lingnan University/University of Alberta). Author of Iza Ogledala (Podgorica: CID, 2001), Zapadna Ljuljaska (Novi Pazar: DaMaD, 1997), and Mongolski Piktogram. He comprised and edited Threshold: An Anthology of Contemporary Writing in Alberta (Edmonton: University of Alberta Press, 1998) and translated the poetry of E.D. Blodgett, Imena-Glasovi: Odabrane Pjesme E.D. Bladzeta (Novi Pazar: DaMaD, 2000). His scholarly and literary essays and literary translations appeared in numerous journals and magazines in Great Britain, Canada, United States, Austria, Hungary, and in the republics of the former Yugoslavia. He lives in Edmonton (Canada).


"Mirror, Mirror on the Wall..."

Prophecies, horoscopes and the politics of the paranormal in Serbia.

Srdja Pavlovic looks at the cult of the paranormal that purveys Serbian society and argues that the current obsession with the supernatural is fuelled by the Serbian government as a distraction from its own shortcomings and failures.

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