Harald Schumann

studied landscape architecture in Berlin and has been working as a journalist since 1983, amongst others for the daily newspaper Tageszeitung (1984-86), Der Spiegel magazine (1986-2004), and since 2004 for the daily Berliner Tagesspiegel. He has written several books, among them “Die Globalisierungsfalle” (“The globalisation trap” ) (1996), co-authored with Hans-Peter Martin and translated into 24 languages.

He is also an active member of the paneuropean research platform Investigate Europe (www.investigate-europe.eu).


Cover for: Unaccountable Europe

Unaccountable Europe

How (un)democratic is the EU?

Democracy is being denied by the EU’s leaders. At fault are not ‘Brussels bureaucrats’ but the member states and their representatives. Lack of transparency makes legislation vulnerable to lobbying and enables national interests to be put before the European common good. Preventing Eurosceptic reaction means democratizing the European legislature.