Roos Pijpers

is a PhD-student in Human Geography, Radboud University Nijmegen. She works on the project “Bordering Migration: Socio-spatial Bordering Processes of Labour Migration in an Enlarging European Union”. She is also involved in the European-wide research project EXLINEA (Lines of Exclusion as Arenas of Co-operation).


Fear of (mass) migration has been and still is an important aspect of ongoing processes of socio-spatial bordering of immigrants within the European Union. The recent EU-enlargement involving several post-Soviet nations has only but intensified these sentiments. Offering an alternative to the well-known, yet flawed Fortress Europe metaphor, Henk van Houtum and Roos Pijpers argue that that the moral panic on immigration and consequent migration policy in various member states of the European Union follows a geo-strategic logic which much more than a Fortress resembles the management of a Gated Community.