Roman Szporluk

is Mykhailo Hrushevsky Research Professor of Ukrainian History at Harvard University. Publications include: Communism and Nationalism: Karl Marx versus Friedrich List, New York 1988; The Political Thought of Thomas G. Masaryk, New York 1981; Russia, Ukraine, and the Breakup of the Soviet Union, Stanford 2000.


A historian knows that there are certain turning points in history when resistance to the ruling powers is justified and indeed is a moral duty of the citizen, says Roman Szporluk, Professor of Ukrainian History at Harvard.

Why Ukrainians Are Ukrainians

A Commentary on Mykola Riabchuk's "Ukraine: One State, two Countries"?

Roman Szporluk comments in this text on Mykola Riabchuk’s concept of ‘ambivalence’ in the Ukraine. The divide betweeen Western and Eastern Ukraine and the resulting ‘ambivalence’ have to be understood in more historical terms: Ukraine has only existed as a political entity since 1991 in contrast to other post – Soviet countries.Therefore, nation building and the emergence of a civil society will take more time.

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