Ramón Reichert

2009-2013 Professor of New Media Studies and Digital Culture at the Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies at the University of Vienna. His research interests include the historiography of media and technology, the impact of new media and communication technologies, social media, visual culture and identity politics. His most recent publications are Die Macht der Vielen. Über den neuen Kultur der digitalen Vernetzung (2013) and Big Data. Analysen zum digitalen Wandel von Wissen, Macht und Ökonomie (ed. 2014).


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Back-end science

Facebook and big data research

From the Eurozine archive | In the context of renewed disquiet with Facebook and the data security of its users, we republish this prescient analysis by media scientist Ramón Reichert of how the big data generated by social networks is creating a meta-knowledge based upon an asymmetry of informational power.