Jiří Přibáň

Professor of Law at Cardiff University’s School of Law and Politics. His book, The Defence of Constitutionalism: The Czech Question in Post-national Europe, was published by Karolinum in 2017.


Cover for: Lessons from an unfolding emergency

The pandemic prompts fundamental questions. How do we define society’s relationship to nature? How resilient are our democracies to the abuse of emergency powers? How far can science dictate political decision-making? And will the primacy of the economy remain unassailable?

Cover for: Waiting for a leader?

Waiting for a leader?

Notes from the Czech Republic and its increasingly dangerous underground

The Czech Republic elects a new chamber of deputies on 20-21 October. The ANO party of Andrej Babiš, a billionaire businessman, is leading the polls; meanwhile, President Miloš Zeman gladly accepts the sobriquet ‘the Czech Trump’. In an article from the landmark 50th edition of Eurozine partner journal Transit, Jiří Přibáň explores what is going on.

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