Oksana Zabuzhko

was born in 1960, lives in Kiev. Ukrainian poet, author, essayist and literary critic. She is a graduate of the Department of Philosophy of Kyiv Shevchenko University (1982), PhD in philosophy of arts in 1987. Associate Scholar for the Institute of Philosophy of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in Kyiv. She was a Fulbright Fellow in the United States in 1994 (at Harvard University and the University of Pittsburgh), and taught Ukrainian culture and literature as a Writer-in-Residence at Penn State University in 1992. Vice-President of the Ukrainian PEN-center, and Distinguished Creative Writing Professor at Kiev Shevchenko University.


Ukrainian author Oksana Zabuzhko walks the streets of Kiev and witnesses an unprecedented upsurge of national solidarity. “To put it simply,” she writes, “‘they’ are the power – the most widely hated power in Ukraine since Soviet times. And ‘we’ – we are the people.”

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