Harald Neuber

is a journalist and political consultant to the German federal policy. He is correspondent for the Cuban news agency Prensa Latina, founded in 1959. Neuber writes for different media in Germany, southern Europe and Latin America. He studied Cultural and Social Anthropology at the Institute for Latin American Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin. Next to writing about international conflicts, he focuses on Latin America. Neuber lived and worked in Mexico, Cuba and Venezuela. He has worked as war correspondent in the Balkans, in Pakistan / Afghanistan, Jordan / Iraq and Colombia.


Cover for: The war in Ukraine, and the fight for minds

There are few places where the new East-West conflict can be observed so clearly as in Kyiv. The weapons are money, networks and propaganda, writes Harald Neuber. He reports on the silent battle for hearts and minds that’s carried out in public but orchestrated from behind the scenes.