Michael Walzer

is an American philosopher and public intellectual. He is Professor Emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, co-editor of Dissent and the author of numerous books on the theory of just war, nationalism and radicalism. His latest book is The Paradox of Liberation (Yale University Press, 2015).


Cover for: ‘The lash goes on’: How revolutions work

Political theorist Michael Walzer, in conversation with Thomas Casadei of Eurozine partner journal ‘Il Mulino’, considers the noble aims and ignoble results of revolution – and in particular the 1917 Russian Revolution.

Cover for: War will not win democracy

War will not win democracy

A conversation with Michael Walzer

Overthrow a dictator in the Arab world today and you’re far more likely to spark civil war than a liberal democracy. So the West shouldn’t be militarily engaged at all, says Michael Walzer. For it cannot create democratic polities where there is no social or cultural basis for democracy.

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