Sergei A. Medvedev

is Professor at the Department of Social Sciences at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Born in Moscow, he studied at the Moscow University, Charles University in Prague, and Columbia University in New York City, and holds a PhD in history. Over the past 20 years, he has held research positions and professorships in Russia, Germany, Italy and Finland.

Dr Medvedev specializes in political science, history and sociology and contributes regularly for Russian Forbes, Vedomosti, Republic and other media, writing on Russian politics, society and culture. His academic books include: Identity Politics in Wider Europe (Berlin, 2012) and EU-Russia Relations: Alternative Futures (Helsinki, 2006). His most recent book on Putin’s Russia, Park Krymskogo Perioda (Moscow, 2017), is forthcoming as CrimeaLand (Polity).


Cover for: Russian art under an illiberal regime

Is an independent artistic statement at all possible in today’s Russia? Political scientist Sergei A. Medvedev ponders the fate of art and artists in a country where most cultural production is heavily state-dependent, and where artists and writers in the provinces are under especially strict supervision.

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