Joci Márton

Joci Márton is a Roma LGBTQ+ activist from Hungary. After graduating as a teacher with a Romology specialisation, he took part in the CEU Roma Programme. In his work, he mainly focuses on intersectionality and identity politics. In 2019, he organised ‘Owning the Game’, a project developed in collaboration with the Roma LGBTQ+ community, with the aim of creating photographs and videos, as well as poems and other writings, that portray these communities with dignity. Joci is a founding member of ‘Ame Panzh’, an informal Roma group that broadcasts content on social media to change the public discourse about minorities and thematising current events through a queer-feminist
Roma perspective.


Cover for: ‘Quit speaking to the centre’

‘You watch TV, you open a magazine, you see billboards, and you never see yourself.’ A conversation with Hungarian Roma LGBTQ+ activist Joci Márton on minority representation in Europe and how minority members themselves can take the lead.