Tomislav Marković

Journalist and writer based in Serbia. He writes columns for web portals Al Jazeera Balkans,,, and


Cover for: Balkan realities

Balkan realities

Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the EU’s rhetoric on enlargement in the Western Balkans has taken an optimistic turn. Whether that continues depends on the European vote. But whatever the result, it is the political realities that count. And in the Balkans, these are far from consistently pro-European.

Cover for: Serbia: Setting sail for Brussels, tying up in Moscow

Until recently the EU overlooked the Serbian regime’s disregard for democratic standards, preferring to trust assurances about the country’s commitment to the European path. But support for Russia’s war has made Vučić’s dissimulation impossible to ignore.