Marko Bojcun

is a member of the Institute for the Study of European Transformations, and the Director of the Ukraine Center, London Metropolitan University. His current research focuses on the transformation processes in Eastern Europe and on contemporary migrations across Asia and Europe. Publications include: “Trade Investment and Debt: Ukraine’s Integration into World Markets”, in Neil Robinson (ed.), Reforging the Weakest Link: Global Political Economy and Post-Soviet Change in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, Aldershot/Burlington 2004.


Since the EU-enlargement 2004, the European Union shares a common border of more than 5,000 kilometres with Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. The way that the richer countries have responded to the flight of people out of the poorer and destabilised regions has aggravated the plight of migrants and made it even more difficult for transit countries and countries of destination to receive and help settle them, or indeed to benefit from them. Marko Bojcun looks at what has to be done.