Marina Lalovic

Marina Lalovic is a Serbian journalist based in Rome. She has been living in Italy since 2000, where she graduated from the University of Rome La Sapienza in Journalism and Publishing. She is currently working at RAI Radio 3, where she hosts Radio3Mondo, a radio show focused on news from around the world, international press reviews, stories, interviews and on-the-spot reporting including highlights. She won the first prize of the Marco Rossi award for the best radio documentary on matters regarding unemployment in Italy with a radio documentary called “Chi fa la fila al posto tuo? Il primo codista italiano” (Who’s queuing for you? The first Italian queuer).
Previously Marina worked as a correspondent for the Serbian daily Politika as well as for the Serbian radio-television B92. She also cooperated with the Associated Press Television News bureau in Rome and was one of the reporters of Babel TV (Sky), the first Italian TV station completely dedicated to the issue of immigration. She participated in the Eurozine project “Beyond conflict stories: Revealing public debate in Ukraine” for which she travelled to Kyiv in August 2016.


Cover for: Collective responses to digital neofeudalism

How has the digital dream of the 1990s – equality, freedom of expression and accessibility for everyone – turned into the constantly surveilled dystopia that many observers comment on today? New media expert Evgeny Morozov and sociologist Colin Crouch discussed this digital dilemma at the recent Lector in Fabula festival, in conversation with journalist Marina Lalovic.