Katia Margolis

is an artist, writer, translator, illustrator, graphic designer and teacher. She has published numerous articles and essays on the arts and literature, as well as translations of Italian, Russian, English and Polish prose and poetry. She is the author and illustrator of Quaderni veneziani: Joseph Brodsky and others (2015), and illustrated Brodsky’s The ballad of the little tugboat, published by Pink Giraffe, Moscow. Other literary projects include illustrations to Venezia paradiso ritrovato, a collection of eleven contemporary Russian poets co-published by the Vassilij Polenov Association and Eurocrom 4 in 2011.


Cover for: Don’t blame Dostoevsky, blame ourselves

Culture alone can’t provide a quick solution to Russia’s current social and intellectual predicament. Russians need urgently to learn the art of self-analysis before they can move forward.