Lukasz Wojtusik

is a Polish journalist and radio reporter. He is the head of the Krakow office of the radio programme TOK FM.


A bizarre kind of loyalty

Dorota Krakowska in interview

This year marks the centenary of the birth of Tadeusz Kantor, the Polish painter, stage designer and theatre director. Kantor’s daughter Dorota Krakowska talks about how Kantor sought to end the taboo code that supported the erasure and denial of history in postwar Poland.

Ewa Lipska

A musician of words

A conversation with Polish poet Ewa Lipska

In interview, Krakow poet Ewa Lipska offers a rich portrait of her homeland’s literary heritage: from fighting the communist regime, when books were everything and some poetry volumes had print runs of 10,000, to writing this year for the Polish rapper O.S.T.R.

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