Liga Marcinkevicha

(1975) is an artist, curator and art project coordinator. She has held the post of editor in chief of the visual arts magazine Studija since 2009. She is the founding member of the well-know group of artists F5 (Famous Five). She has been curator of significant shows of Latvian contemporary art abroad, including the Latvian exhibition at the 51st and 53rd Venice Biennales and the Manifesta 7 European Biennial of contemporary art.


A grain of sand in the seashell

A conversation with artist Barbara Gaile

Barbara Gaile got her academic education in times of total chaos in former Soviet Latvia and was probably the first to graduate the Art Academy with abstract compositions. In interview with Liga Marcinkevicha she recalls the past and talks about her latest exhibition Perles (Pearls) at the Latvian National Art Museum.

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