Hanna Komar

Hanna Komar is an award-winning poet and translator, who was born in Baranavichy in 1989 and lives in Minsk. She has published two poetry collections (Fear of Heights in Belarusian and a bilingual collection Recycled) and is a co-author of a Charles Bukowski’s poetry collection in Belarusian. Hanna writes in Belarusian and translates her texts into English.

Her poetry has been translated into Polish, Ukranian, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Chezc and English.

She is a finalist and laureate of several independent literary awards, such as Maksim Bahdanovich Debut Award for the Best First Book in Translation and first poetry book in Belarusian, Natallia Arsenneva National Book Prize among others. Together with Dmitry Strotsev, she was awarded the 2020 Norwegian Authors Union Freedom of Speech Award. Member of the independent Belarusian Writers Union and PEN Belarus.


Cover for: Sisterhood behind bars

Sisterhood behind bars

Female solidarity in Belarusian prisons

A former Belarusian political detainee reveals the remarkable depth of cohesion and trust between women activists confined for weeks in overcrowded prison cells.