Annie Kelly

is a postdoctoral researcher at King’s College, London, working on the AHRC funded research project Everything Is Connected: Conspiracy Theories in the Age of the Internet. She was awarded a PhD from UEA in 2020 for research into digital antifeminism and the far right, and is also the UK correspondent for the QAnon Anonymous podcast.


Cover for: Digital culture wars

Digital culture wars

Understanding the far right’s online powerbase

Millions of people are consuming, repeating and disseminating far-right ‘culture war’ material online, but if you do not seek out that content and are not served it by algorithms, you may never know it was there.

Cover for: The alt-right: Reactionary rehabilitation for white masculinity

Alt-right extremism is a consequence of mainstream neo-conservative discourse on liberalism, manhood and national security post-9/11. Its success is measured by its ability to project an updated rhetoric of anti-left antagonism into the window of acceptable political discourse.

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