Jürgen Habermas

Emmanuel Macron has broken from entrenched definitions of right and left in France and based a programme on liberalization and social justice. Sigmar Gabriel, the German Social Democrat foreign minister, has also sought to bring together the conflicting wings of his party. Here, the two discuss the need for positive campaigning on Europe, and why the future of the Union depends on a combination of investment and reform. With an introduction by Jürgen Habermas.

Decades after first encountering Anglo-Saxon perspectives on democracy in occupied postwar Germany, Jürgen Habermas still stands by his commitment to a critical social theory that advances the cause of human emancipation. This follows a lifetime of philosophical dialogue.

EU är förlamat. Gång på gång bromsas unionen av att medlemsländer bedriver politiskt spel med projektets konstitutionella knepigheter. Några tunga politiker har tagit till orda för att råda bot – Joschka Fischer, Gerhard Schröder, Lionel Jospin. I en ny essä argumenterar här den politiske filosofen Jürgen Habermas i ett kontroversiellt ärende: en författning för Europa. Läs. Tänk. Reagera.

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Accommodate or confront? Either reaction allows rightwing populism to set the political agenda, argues Jürgen Habermas in interview. The Left must regain the initiative and offer a credible response the destructive forces of unbridled capitalism.

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