Juraj Spitzer

(1919-1995) was a Slovak writer, poet and dissident. In 1944, he led the only Jewish military unit in the Slovak National Uprising against the Nazis. After the war, he supported the communist government but grew critical and was banned from publishing after ’68. Author of several books, the most well-known was Nechcel som byt Zid [I Did Not Want to Be a Jew]. In 2010, an issue of the journal Kritika & Kontext was dedicated to Juraj Spitzer.


Bratislava, formerly Pressburg or Prespork, was historically a multi-national and multi-confessional city. When much of the old town was destroyed in the 1970s, the city’s cultural heritage was lost with it, regrets dissident, poet and writer Juraj Spitzer in a posthumously published article.

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