Iain Crichton Smith

(Iain MacGhobhainn)

(b.1928 in Lewis; died 1998) was a poet, novelist and teacher. Educated at the Nicholson Institute (Stornoway) followed by the University of Aberdeen, Smith’s profession was a teacher, and he taught in Clydebank, Dumbarton and Oban until 1977. Smith was noted for his prolific output, both in his native Gaelic and in English, exploring themes of island culture and religion. His first collection of poems,The Long River, appeared in 1955, followed in 1960 by Burn Is Aran, a collection of Gaelic stories and poems.

He is probably best known for his 1968 novel Consider The Lillies, which explores the effect of the Highland clearances on an old woman and her betrayal by the Free Church. His other works include My Last Duchess (1971), An End To Autumn (1978) and Murdo And Other Stories